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Goa International Airport

(World Class Airport)

Location :                  MOPPA, Goa, India

Client:                        GMR

Architects:                 IDA, Hongkong.

Built Up area:            1 million sft .

Envelope Area:         80,000 Sq.m

Service Offered : 

  • BIM Service.

  • Facade Consultancy Services.

 Key Highlights :

  • Envelope design coordination & documentation uses BIM (LOD 400).

  • 23 meters high curtainwall with architectural grade steel support. 

  • Laminated insulated glass to meet acoustic performance.

  • Design for ease of dismantling, reuse in case of airport expansion.  

  • Design maintenance and access system.

Goa international airport is a world class airport developed by GMR group. The design intent is to have curtainwall façade spanning about 21meters from floor to roof edge. We have come up with structural frame system that would minimum visual obstruction at the same time cost effective. In this project, predominantly we have used unitized curtainwall system for faster installation with high quality. Façade access system for processor building and air traffic control tower was carefully integrated with façade works.

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