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Building Facade Consultancy: Reshaping The Future Of Facades

The facade of a building is a key aspect both in terms of its structure, functionality as well as aesthetics. It is also mentionable that the first thing that anyone notices about a building, or a high-rise is how it looks on the outside. That being said, facades of new constructions are essential to make for an attractive building and we can agree on the statement that facades are not just important for the structure and functionality but also the aesthetics of the building. For the perfect facade of any building, a building facade consultancy can be the most ideal, cost-effective and sustainable solution.

With environmental awareness rising in modern times along with the height of new constructions, having a solid facade design and engineering plan is key to constructing a building that looks good as much as it performs well on energy efficiency scales. With the futuristic approach towards building construction along with new legal mandates from governments of different countries, the facade of any building needs to be constructed in a well-planned and effective manner. For this, facade structural engineers as well as facade design consultants are quintessential.

A Deeper Look Into Facade Consultancy Services And They're Growing Importance For The Future

Facade consultancy services are not just restricted to facades of buildings and new constructions. The scope for building facade consultants is vast and their importance is on an upward slope. These services have already become quintessential of any construction project and their role is going to further diversify in the future.

The role of facade consultants is huge and versatile, and along with new buildings, the field also deals with Building Information Modelling commonly termed as BIM Modelling.

BIM Modelling refers to an advanced and integrated 3D-based model and process that provides complete tools and insights to engineers, architects and other construction professionals involved with a certain building project. The modelling process offers comprehensive knowledge and insight on every detail of the buildings plan, design, construction and helps execute these as well as the building management and infrastructure in a more efficient and effective manner.

Along with AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) professionals, when it comes to building restoration, building maintenance units becomes essential making BMU consultants a key part of the process. Not just building restoration, but such professionals are of importance as the process of integrating BMU within the structure of a building is challenging, and requires expertise, experience as well as quite a bit of innovation.

When we talk about building maintenance units and the relevance of BMU consultants amidst the discussion about facade engineering, design and construction, one may wonder that we have strayed off the topic. Although in reality, these services and fields are intrinsically interconnected which makes it important to concisely discuss BMU consultants and why they play an important role in a certain construction project.

We can discuss facade access for instance. Facade access has a wide set of meanings and interpretations in different countries across the world. Many years ago, the Dutch government approved rope access as a method of cleaning facades but soon after, rope access cleaning was no longer allowed due to the changed and updated facade access standards. Ever since, you cannot find a rope access cleaner cleaning the facade of a building.

The Role of Facade Consultants Play In Building Construction

In some countries, a Building Maintenance Unit is stated to be a mandatory requirement for any building with a height of more than 15 meters. In such cases, any building failing that does not have a facade access system could face serious legal consequences both for the owner, manager and for the architect of the building.

That being said, with the constantly upgrading laws, any construction project requires a facade consultancy services from a reliable building facade consultancy. If you are still wondering why, then here are a few key reasons to make the point clearer to you.

Facade consultants can offer complete facade consultancy services along with all other associated services that are mandatory for new construction projects as well as building restoration projects. Along with facade engineering, design and construction, they can also act as BMU consultants for law-abiding BMU integration into the structure of the building as well as efficiently prepare BIM modelling for smooth and seamless progress of the building construction.

● The biggest reason why you need facade consultants for any new construction project is the fact that they do not only plan, design, engineer and construct the facade of a building but also enhances the structural integrity of the building along with its appearance. The right facade design consultants and arch consultancy services can add value to the overall building. Structural integrity will involve adequate strengthening against wind and seismically forces.

● These professionals ensure that the building project meets the performance standards mandated by the law. Meeting performance standards would essentially require efficient facade structural engineers and design consultants as it involves key aspects like fire resistance, increasing energy efficiency, environment-friendly structure, allowing natural light while optimizing the thermal load and glare.

Facade consultants will also help the engineers and construction professionals to choose the right kind of facade access systems appropriate and optimized for the structure and design of the building. Early involvement of the building engineers and architects with the concerned facade and arch consultancy services can streamline the operations, reduce costs and make the planning and execution process more effective and time-efficient.

Facade Consultancy Services: A Need Of The Past, Present and Future

Reliable facade consultants have always been a major part of any new construction or building restoration projects. They are Guinness to the entire process as they offer the appropriate facade construction services and employ qualified and efficient professionals to streamline the facade engineering, design, and construction process. With the changing industry standards and laws across the globe and the emphasis on aesthetics of high rises, shopping malls, airports and even other commercial and residential buildings, they are a need of the present and the future!

Enevelopetechnik Facade Consultancy LLP is one of the global leaders in facade consultancy services and a top name in the field of the building facade consultancy. They are known for top-notch quality and have successfully completed several notable projects all across the world and in collaboration with ith some of the major brands and design companies.


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