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Facade Designs for Hospitals

Now a day’s hospitals are preferring the façade design to start attracting and making good connections with patients and also these facades enhances The intangible benefits of the buildings which assist the patient’s in better recovery and healing and also helps in reducing the stress and improves overall environment which can be achieved as an outcome of visual& physical connections to the natural environment along with acoustic& thermal comfort. These exterior designs give an advantage and opportunity to create positive impressions.

A well-built façade to a hospital mainly helps in

Patient comfort since the hospital should be readily accessible to the people and should be free from noise, smoke, dust, foul odor, etc... Facades create such an environment and also help in providing Natural daylight which helps inpatient recovery by providing high access to daylight in the rooms.

Providing thermal comfort

Providing acoustic comfort against the external noise

Enhancing indoor ambience by providing adequate task based day lighting

Protecting the indoors from wind and rain while maintaining adequate visual connectivity to outdoors

Control of air infiltration

Ease of maintenance



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