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A Facade is a structural design pattern that provides a simplified interface to buildings. It also provides the opportunity to create personality and character to building and is an integral piece to its overall design. Façades stand as an important element in architectural building projects. These Facades also stand as the building's first barrier against climatic conditions such as heat, rain, wind & snow, etc...

1 Designing a Facade is an important and complex process for the better results one should carry out with professionals like an architect or an interior designer because there are multiple aspects involved such as color, materials, lines and geometric shapes, etc.

Here is some to keep in mind while building facades creating a design for a façade is half work done the more creative we are the better will be the designs

2 Quality instead of quantity, quality of the design is an aspect that will glow out the entire building but this cannot be overdone by overdoing in quantity

Lighting in facade design will uplift both the interior and exterior parts of the building proper lighting also gives extra glow to the building

3 Choosing the right materials one should choose the right materials for façade designs without choosing the right materials the whole work is undone

4 Selecting the appropriate glass in both classy facades and eco-friendly facades is very important there are various types of glasses that are available. Choosing the best glass for your facade is a very important aspect

5 Colour The color palette for the exterior will depend on a large extent in the style you have preferred and depends as much on the paint you choose as on the materials and their finishes. There are dark and light bricks and concrete can be gray or tinted with some color, just like wood, so playing with coatings you can get different visual effects.

6 Privacy and security some of the good build facades that provide both privacy and security for those who are within.

7 Plants on façade plants on facades give an extra touch to facades and it’s an excellent and accessible way to transform your facade and make it more attractive

8 Other aspects, going for a design that suits your building the best there various criteria’s that you should also focus on like the location, physical conditions, history of that particular place and many more


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