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Building Facade Access / BMU Consultancy In India

Success of the building facade project is not only being well designed & built to last for decades; but also to have well functioning façade cleaning and maintenance access system. Envelope Technik believe sufficient attention should be paid at the early design stage and sufficient budget should be allocated to spent where it brings real value throughout life of the building. Not all projects require most sophisticated and complicated equipments, many times simpler access equipments work well.  Designing and deploying appropriate facade access system / building maintenance unit (BMU) is specialised work which requires experience, knowledge of technology, engineering & industry. This is one of the reason building construction companies all over the world hire specialist BMU consultancy. Other reasons are :

Advise Strategies

Typically architects / clients / developer's approach a manufacturer directly, there is good chance of being guided to gain the commercial advantage & guided in to purchase of manufacturers existing products and solutions irrespective of its best suitability to the project.  Envelope technik BMU consultancy would take comprehensive and unbiased approach to ensures the best solution will be sought and found. We determine multiple options of reaching all facade areas of the building. The solutions developed by us are cost effective, innovative and practical. 

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Access System Design

It is essential that a maintenance strategy selected is incorporated into the initial building design and implemented during the construction phases. Facade access system design typically would have major impact curtain-wall cladding design; ideally facade cladding design go hand in hand with facade access system design.  The maintenance programme and longevity of the equipment must be considered. 

Envelope Technik is able to create façade cleaning solutions that minimize the impact on building design, aesthetics and meet the highest safety according to standards. Furthermore ET will be able to ensure that the equipment is provided within International Quality & Safety Standards and that health & safety requirements for the particular environment are met. 

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Operation Efficiency

When we select most suitable solution a key objective will be the need to optimise the usage of the access equipment, as well as the operability of the equipment.  By choosing Envelope Technik to manage the process, a company reduces the risk of making a poor choice. 

Commercial Negotiations

Envelope Technik is aware of industry norms and charging rates and therefore have a stronger hand when it comes to negotiating commercial contracts. Using Envelope Technik could save clients money in the short and long term. 

Typical Deliverables Summary

  • Advise strategy

  • Access system engineering

  • Advise maintenance cycles

  • System initial cost analysis

  • Running cost analysis

  • Tender documentation 

  • Assess vendor qualification

  • Technical and commercial review

  • Design proof checking

  • Installation sequencing

  • Inspections and Testing

  • Snag listing & De-snag inspection

  • Preventive maintenance advice

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