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Glass Buildings


Generally, façade industry believe good design determines success of the project. We believe implementation of quality control and quality assurance system is equally important. Today most building façades in India suffer quality issues; for building owners and occupants its painful to live with performance issues. Façade is one part of building that cannot be rectified easily.

Key Value:

  • Keep it simple.

  • Build teams Competence by training.

  • Ignite passion.

  • Do it right the first time.

Services We offer:

  1. Quality auditing of completed project.

  2. Customised QA/QC plan preparation and implementation.

  3. Anchor pull-out testing and quality auditing.

  4. Material samples tracking and review.

  5. Material testing.

  6. Deployment of fulltime / parttime quality manager at site.

  7. Quality control at manufacturer’s plant.

  8. Quality control at processing plant.

  9. Quality control at curtainwall fabrication plant.

  10. Sang inspection and reporting.

  11. Project closeout inspection, review of as built drawings, warranty documents and other closeout procedures.

  12. Field water testing.

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