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Building Facade Consultancy, Advisory Services 

Why Facade Consultants?

Facades are becoming increasingly complex as architects are pushing the limits of creativity and coming up with a diverse array of geometrical features. Facade work amounts up to 20% of overall construction cost, is a potentially high risk element in successful building completion. Facade system comprises a series of interdependent and sometimes conflicting requirements, has stake on overall building performance such as weather tight, resist wind, control amount of light enters in to building, reduce heat gain, provide natural ventilation, control incoming noise, fire safety and more...

Envelopetechnik Facade Consultancy has rich experience with complex facade systems for low-rise, high-rise and super-tall buildings, enable us to provide best possible advice. Designing a facade system encompasses structural engineering, building physics, materials science, weatherproofing technology, architectural detailing, construction management and many other disciplines. We have proven track record of bringing professional facade specialists with required experience, skill and technology. Sharing and collaboration are essential at all stages of a project’s life cycle. Envelopetechnik has expertise in BIM (Building Information Modeling)  and adopted BIM (Building Information Modeling) throughout all stages of design and documentation enabling it to reduce project cost, improve productivity, reduce conflicts and changes, avoid rework. We work closely with material suppliers, fabricators , facade contractors having in-depth understanding of their performance track record in terms of infrastructure, financial, quality and delivery, enable us to provide expert advice while making key decisions. 

Engaging a specialist consultant during early design increases success in achieving design, budget and performance expectations. Envelopetechnik Facade Consultancy has rich experience with complex facade systems designed for low-rise, high-rise and super-tall buildings, applied to numerous projects, helps to develop an envelope design that "works" for the life of the building.  Envelopetechnik provides an honest, independent solutions that works in the best interests of client and project.

Schematic Design

Envelopetechnik complement architects and the design team in establishing performance criterias, preliminary specifications, design options, cost comparison, performance comparison.

Our work includes:

  • Kickoff meeting

  • Review of architectural drawings to understand façade intent.

  • Discuss and understand client vision.

  • Discuss façade budget and schedule.

  • Establish preliminary performance parameters, specifications.

  • Establish wind load calculations.

  • Assess material options, define material use.

  • Review façade modulation considering material availability & wastage.

  • Assess sustainable facade for climate conditions.

  • Sun path and shadow analysis.

  • Energy analysis.

  • Rendering.

  • Preliminary structural design review.

  • Review of anchoring systems for various façade elements. Provide cast-In anchor embeds design at early stage.

  • Evaluate acoustic performance.

  • Evaluate façade design options & value engineering possibilities.

  • Propose façade system design intent.

  • Evaluate facade maintenance strategies.

  • Schematic design report documentation.

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Design Development

Envelopetechnik would develop façade design details incorporating all design aspects including local code requirements.


Our work includes:

  • Design development drawings incorporating generally:

    • Arrangement of system assembly.

    • Material identification.

    • Establish lines, levels, tolerances.

    • Typical interfaces with adjacent material.

    • Typical anchoring.

    • Air & water sealing.

    • Smoke & fire stop.

    • Construction sequencing.

    • BMU cradle tieback.

    • Thermal performance.

    • Structural performance.

    • Lightening protection.

    • Facade lighting integration.

    • Penetrations.

  • Cost estimation.

  • Design development report.

  • Outline technical specifications.

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Tender Documentation

Envelopetechnik would prepare a set of tender documents used for bidding and contracting. Envelopetechnik will coordinate  to ensure all requirements are considered & the tender document set has adequate information.


Our work includes:

  • Instruction document to bidders.

  • Tender drawings.

  • Technical specifications.

  • Tender BOQ.

  • Contract Conditions document.

  • Forms & templates.

Tender Floating

Envelopetechnik would assist the developer and contracts team in selecting the qualified and capable façade contractor for the project. Envelope Technik would participate in tender review meetings to verify bidders understanding of the project.

Our work includes:

  • Prepare contractors list.

  • Evaluate prequalification of bidder.

  • Kick-off Meetings with Bidders.

  • Respond to vendors queries.

  • Review technical compliance.

  • Visit shortlisted contractors facilities where required.

  • Make recommendations to finalise contract.

Sample approval

At this stage Envelopetechnik will ensure all materials samples and technical data sheets, test report are submitted and reviewed to ensure materials used for  the project meets all performance requirements/specifications. 

Our work includes:

  • Review source of material. 

  • Review material specification and test report. 

  • Review QA/QC system followed by supplier.

  • Review material finish / aesthetic requirements.

  • Review warranty documents. 

Performance Mock-up

Envelopetechnik  shall coordinate and oversee all performance testing activities. 

Our work includes:

  • Define and approve mockup specimen area,type, size.

  • Review and approve mock up drawings, structural design calculations. 

  • Inspect mock up fabrication and installation at test facility.

  • Advise on improvements in the system if any.

  • Witness testing, ensure approved testing methods and procedures are followed. 

  • Witness test results meets project requirements

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Shop Drawings & Calculations 

Envelopetechnik would review shop drawings, calculations, method statements and other documents that required to execute the work. 

Our work includes:

  • Review of shop drawings. 

  • Review structural design reports.

  • Review logistic plan. 

  • Review construction sequence and method statements. 

  • Monitor construction schedule. 

  • Resolve field technical issues.

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Visual Mockup, Field  Testing

Envelopetechnik complement architects and the design team in reviewing visual mockup.

Our work includes:

  • Define mock-up area / location/size.

  • Review mock-up drawings. 

  • Review mock-up along with client / architects / design team while making aesthetic choice.

  •  Review workmanship compliance. 

  • Advise on improvements in the system if any

  • Conduct field testing such as anchor pullout etc. 


Envelopetechnik has dedicated team of inspection engineers who constantly monitor work compliance to specification, approved drawings, benchmark samples, industry best practices.

Our work includes:

  • Review  for conformance to approved design drawings.

  • Verify materials being utilized as per approved sample. 

  • Verify dimensional tolerances. 

  • Workmanship quality.

  • Review construction sequence. 

  • Review for best industry practices being followed.

  •  Witness field water tests.

  • Witness field anchor tests.

  • Resolution of site-oriented problems.

  • Assist work progress quantification assessment. 

D test_JPG.webp

Snag Listing & Desnag Inspection

At the completion of installation Envelopetechnik  shall ensure all snag checks and rectifications are carried out by facade contractors.

Our work includes:

  • Prepare snag list, punch lists.

  • Discuss with contractor about course of action to desnag.

  • Carry out desnag inspection.

  • Issue inspection reports.

Quality check list_PNG.webp

Closeout documentation

At the completion of work Envelopetechnik shall review and organise all required documents for the life of the building.

Review and organise:

  • As built drawings.

  • Material reconciliation statement.

  • Approved deviation in BOQ  & NT items quantity.

  • Up to date policies (Ex: CAR,WCP,ESI & PF CHALLANS Etc.)

  • Signed joint measurement sheets.

  • HOTO (Handing Over Taking Over) Documents.

  • Standard operating procedures (SOP).

  • Warranty certificates. 

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