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Glass Buildings


Envelopetechnik offers innovative, cost effective solutions with highest quality and quick turnaround time. We have team of façade designers, architects, structural engineers with decades of experience. The team has completed several projects spread across globe and familiar with European, American, Australian, and Indian standards for design.

Currently we have been serving to architects, main contractors, building owners, façade contractors all over the globe

Our Services Include:

1. Bidding Support:

High quality technical submittal and design optimisation.

  1. Study tender documents.

  2. Prepare pre bid queries.

  3. Prepare preliminary system design and proposal drawing.

  4. Preliminary structural design reports.

  5. BOQ verification.

  6. Estimates with rate analysis.

  7. Technical submittals that are required as part of bid.

  8. Commercial proposal

 2. Design Services.

  1. Bespoke system design.

  2. Shop drawings preparation.

  3. Structural design report preparation (As per American / British / Indian standard)

  4. Bill of material generation.

  5. Thermal analysis modelling, reporting.

  6. Set-out drawings.

  7. Fabrication and production drawings.

  8. As built drawings.

  9. Drafting services.

4. Structural Design Services

 Our work includes: (Steel structures, Architectural cladding elements)

  • Wind load calculation report.

  • Detailed structural design calculation report for frames as per required codes.

  • Glass panel design.

  • Joinery design. 

  • Finite Element Analysis. 

  • Anchor and embedment design.

  • Loading, structural reaction coordination.

  • Peer review services.

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5. Other services.

  1. Prepare customised work method statements.

  2. Prepare customised quality control manual with quality checklist.

  3. Quality control and Quality Assurance implementation services.

  4. Quality monitoring services.

  5. Value engineering services.

  6. BIM services.

  7. Façade access system engineering.

  8. Pre-submission peer review of design.

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