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Glass Buildings


Existing Buildings Assessment,Restoration,Failure Investigation

We offer services for existing buildings such as evaluating the physical condition of buildings to establish parameters for renovation, restoration, and rehabilitation programs, as well as conduct analysis and evaluation of impacts of HVAC systems, heat, air and moisture on building enclosures.

We recommend repair and renewal solutions that balance the potential benefits with the cost and estimated life cycle of existing buildings. To help correct problems with fire safety, leakage or deterioration, we combine our experience with building science theory and knowledge of the practical realities of cladding performance to develop appropriate solutions for each specific project.

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Services offered.

  1. Due diligence review.

  2. Risk analysis.

  3. Post-accident investigation.

  4. Structural failure investigation.

  5. Water leakage investigation.

  6. Visual defect investigation.

  7. Third-party witness.

  8. Material testing.

  9. On site performance testing.

  10. Retrofitting solutions.

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