About us

Envelopetechnik is an independent building facade engineering firm based in India with international project experience. We bring together highly experienced, innovative thinking facade design, planning, structural engineers devoted to turning ambitious visions into reality. 

We understand the technical and economical challenges of real estate development and we help arrive at best solution to ensure balance between aesthetics, performance, constructability, quality & economy though our domain knowledge and experience.
We offer range of facade design, engineering and advisory services to facade contractors, developers, architects, portfolio managers, end users regarding the planning, design, construction documentation, quality management, maintenance of building envelope.


Existing Building Restoration

Inspection support

Leakage investigation

Structural failure investigation

Facade replacement strategies

Sealant replacement

Window replacement

Upgradation of facade access

Upgradation fire, smoke seal

Facade Maintenance Consultancy

Advise strategies

Access system engineering

Advise maintenance cycles

System initial cost analysis

Running cost analysis

Tender documentation 

Assess vendor qualification

Technical and commercial review

Design proof checking

Installation sequencing

Inspections and Testing

Snag listing & De-snag inspection

Preventive maintenance advice

BIM Services

   Rendering and walkthrough

BIM Family creation

BIM up to LOD 500

4D BIM Planning, Sequencing

5D BIM BOQ, Estimation

Clash detection service

Energy analysis

Sun & shadow analysis

Daylight analysis

Complex geometry engineering

Quality Management Services

Set benchmark & rejection criteria

Prepare quality control method

Prepare quality checklist

Periodic inspection at fabrication

Periodic inspection at production

Periodic inspection at installation

Full Time inspection services

Services For Contractors

Shop Drawings

Structural Design Services

Bespoke System Engineering

Cutting & Assembly Drawings

Why Us ?

  • Proactively avoid failures by pinpointing issues at early design stage and resolve issues.

  • We bring knowledge of working for hundreds of projects, increases your opportunity to
    develop a facade design that "works" for the life of building.

  • We help getting best available vendors & contractors for the project.

  • We ensure compliance to approved design, specification, quality requirements.

  • We help adopting best construction and erection methods to reduce project duration.

  • We provide honest, independent answer and solutions that is best for the project. Answers
    obtained from curtain wall fabricators, suppliers can be influenced by sales, product availability, plant capacity or other limits.

  • Ensure compliance to best practices, codes, standards, statutory requirements.

  • Ensure contractor shall address all deficiencies before closing project.

Collaboration Chart